As part of fulfilling my  wish, “Exploring Whole of India”, I visit many temples. Temples are part of our culture. All the ancient temples narrate several stories.

The temple architecture, the method of worshipping , rituals , custom and even Prasad are different in different parts of India.

This section lists the posts in which I have tried to share my views and experience when I visited some temples.

Some of them are here:

Arunachaleshwara- Ramanashrama-Tiruvannamalai

Amruteshwara Temple-Rich heritage of Karnataka(India)

Shantika Paremeshwari Temple – Kumta

Murudeshwara- Temple on Seashore

Murudeshwara- The story of Aatmalinga

Devi idol decoration during Navaratri

Somanathpura Temple-Carved ornaments in Hoysala Architecture

Interesting Sculptures – Dancing Nataraja Of Badami cave temple

Buddha statue at BodhGaya- Personification of Peace