Dress design

I know little bit of dress designing. Though I learnt it from a fashion school, I never practised it seriously. When it comes to dress, I love sarees, hence saree designing. Saree is six yard magic, it really creates magic on the woman wearing it.  Every dress with proper accessories,  will uplift the beauty of a woman. So I’ve named this section as Vastra Abhushana, Vastra in Sanskrit means cloth and Abhushana meaning ornaments. I wanted to start a blog about sarees and dresses. But for me, it will be difficult to mange that, so added this section , which will have links to posts about the sarees and dresses, especially Indian dresses.Dress with Embroidered yoke

Neck design 

Red and Gold combination saree

Saree with Peacock Design in Glitter Painting

Kalamkari Patchwork on a Saree

Screen printing on cotton sarees

Kutchwork on Salwar Top

Makeover of a Saree

Theme Saree

Cotton saree with Screen printing

Kerala Cotton saree screen printed

Neck designs with Kundans